The Danger of Trees Near Power Lines

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Trimming trees around power lines should always be done by professionals with the right equipment. Because trees conduct electricity and are an electrical hazard to anyone in contact with them at ground level, they must be trimmed or taken down completely. A downed tree can cause a fire or, at the very least, shock whoever touches it when it’s touching electricity. Most tree-trimming companies already know the dangers of trimming trees near power lines.

Trimming trees around power lines is dangerous no matter which precautions you take. However, if your company keeps 24/7 hours for emergencies after storms, you need intact special equipment to extricate a tree from a power line. Some of the must-have equipment and tools for tree trimmers working around power lines include:

  • Special Gloves
  • Chainsaw with a Spark Arrestor
  • Bucket Truck to Access Upper Branches
  • Fall Gear
  • Hard Hat
  • Hearing and Face Protection
  • Special Boots

If your company crews are trained for pruning trees near power lines and qualified for line clearance, make sure your bucket trucks are in optimal working order. Check out the quality used forestry bucket trucks for sale by visiting We do all we can to help you get the job done safely, so contact us next time you need to trim a tree near a power line.