Choose to Use an Over-Center Bucket Truck

Tree Cutting with Used Forestry Trucks

Each job your tree-trimming or landscaping business takes on has its own unique demands. One of the decisions you have to make when you need to reach certain heights is whether you need an over-center bucket truck or not. Consider the working height, side reaches, and other specific factors when you are figuring out your needs.

An over-center bucket truck refers to the position of the upper boom when it is fully extended and goes past the 90-degree mark; thus the term “over center.” An extensive reach function helps your operator extend the lower and upper booms out vertically, which gives him the necessary ability to reach the sides of the tree to get the expected results.  The operator may also need maximum maneuverability and additional side reach, so the over-center bucket truck is perfect for projects that require flexibility.

To put it simply: an over-center bucket truck helps operators access the most hard-to-reach spots. An over-center bucket truck can reach a working height from 35 to 55 ft. These trucks are ideal for use in landscaping, construction, and forestry, among other similar industries.

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