The Benefits of Buying a Used Bucket Truck, Part 2

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Bucket trucks are used in a variety of industries, including any industry that needs to move workers up and down to accommodate heavy moving or working in adverse conditions. Bucket trucks come in various shapes and sizes; they are versatile and can be used for a multitude of different tasks. To continue our blog on “The Benefits of Buying a Used Bucket Truck,” we offer more information for those who are deciding whether to buy a new or used bucket truck.

Repair & Maintenance Costs

The repair and maintenance costs are not that different between a new and a used bucket truck because the maintenance intervals remain constant whether the truck is new or used.

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There’s not a wide gap between the technology of a new and a used bucket truck. Not a lot of substantial changes have been made in the last ten years. There have been upgrades and changes along the lines of working height and operator comfort and efficiency.

Whether you need a late-model bucket truck or you would like one as soon as it leaves a fleet, compare your needs and weigh the costs and benefits of each.