Top Reasons You Might Need A Bucket Truck

A bucket truck is a versatile piece of equipment most often used for tree trimming and electrical services.  But its benefits don’t stop there. A heavy duty vehicle, a bucket truck provides an aerial-lift so that a person can reach higher levels, especially when a ladder won’t suffice.

Wondering how else a bucket truck might come in handy? Here are some common and not-so-common uses for bucket trucks:

#1 Electrical and Telephone Line Maintenance
This is the most common use for a bucket truck. Special insulated bucket trucks elevate workers while protecting them from potentially dangerous high-voltage wires.

#2 Tree Trimming and Maintenance
Landscapers use bucket trucks to reach the tallest limbs of trees for routine care. Bucket trucks are also used to trim branches away from power lines, roofs, and highway signs.

#3 Window Washing
A large bucket truck with a boom that can extend 60 feet or more allows window washers to reach the exterior windows of mid-size office buildings.

#4 Painting
With a bucket truck, painters can safely paint the exterior that would be dangerous or even impossible to reach with a ladder.

#5 Fire Rescue
Specially designed bucket trucks allow firefighters to reach tall buildings to put out fires. Sometimes they are even used to rescue people from burning buildings.

#6 Harvesting Fruit
Bucket trucks, often called “cherry pickers” because they were initially designed to lift fruit pickers, enable harvesters to reach the highest branches of orchard trees.

#7 Aerial Photography and Filming
One of the common uses of bucket trucks is for photographers and videographers. They use the aerial-lift provided by the bucket truck to capture better angles for their shots.

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