The Benefits of Buying a Used Bucket Truck, Part 1

Used Forestry Bucket Trucks for Sale |

The demand for bucket trucks has increased for a variety of reasons in high-elevation work. There are numerous benefits to purchasing small-duty or medium-duty used bucket trucks. They consume less fuel to perform more tasks efficiently. In comparison to other trucks, they incur less operating costs. Keep in mind that you should base your purchase of any bucket truck on your company’s needs in terms of performance, reliability, purchasing cost, operational cost, and technology. There are advantages to buying a used bucket truck, including all of the following:


A well-maintained used bucket truck has been built to be tough and has a long service life. Typically, even a 15-year-old used bucket truck can perform as well as a brand new model.


As long as the used bucket truck has been well-maintained reliability shouldn’t be a concern. However, there is no 100% guarantee of a perfect performance throughout its serviceable life even when you buy a brand new truck.

Purchase Cost

The most obvious benefit to purchasing a used bucket truck is a lower cost than a new one. A deal on a used bucket truck may sometimes be half or one third as much as the truck’s original price. The lower cost is due to depreciation. The value of a truck can drop as much as 30 percent in its first three years.

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