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used reach forklifts Los Angeles

used reach forklifts Los Angeles

Reach forklifts are best suited inside. They’re quite maneuverable and move perfectly between narrow aisles. As the name suggests, these forklifts easily reach loads that are high up and are able to go beyond the distance of their stabilizing legs without losing balance. If you’re looking to rent, purchase or lease used reach forklifts in Los Angeles, at World Equipment Services, we got you covered. 

Our Narrow Aisle/Reach Forklifts

Each business has specific forklifts needs, and as such we have stocked various kinds and models of used forklifts in Los Angeles for sale, including:

  • 2016 Toyota 8BDRU15 Deep Reach Forklift

This model will only cost you $19,950. It has a maximum height of 300 inches and has been perfectly reconditioned to run smoothly with a one-year warranty on the battery. It also comes with a warranty of 60 days on the entire equipment. Our electric deep reach has 4077 engine hours.

  • 2012 Raymond 750DR32TT Deep Reach

This is one of the most efficient pre-owned forklifts with a maximum height of 302 inches. The drive motor has been perfectly rebuilt and has 13124 in engine hours. For a retail price of $16,950, you can pick up this perfectly reconditioned unit. The battery has also been restored to excellent working condition, and it comes with a one year warranty.

  • 2007 Yale NR040 Reach

Searching for used forklifts for sale? This impeccably restored unit has a maximum height of 203 inches. It’s ideal for warehouses and has 7198 engine hours. Its fork length is 42 inches, and it comes with a perfectly reconditioned battery that has a one-year warranty. This forklift retails at $9,950.

  • 2005 Raymond EASI R40TT Reach

You need an effective forklift for your warehouse, and this is one of the best Los Angeles used forklifts for sale available. Once we make the final sale, we’ll rebuild the drive motor for you. Also, the forklift has a maximum height of 226 inches, and we have reconditioned it to impeccable condition. It’s asking price is $10,950, and upon purchase, we’ll install a reconditioned battery that comes with a one year warranty. The forklift has a capacity of 4000 and a fork length of 42 inches.

  • Crown Equipment RR5020-45 Reach

The crown equipment reach has a maximum height of 321 inches. It’s retailing at $11,950 and comes with a reconditioned battery that has a one year warranty. The oil/hydraulics have no leaks, and the paint is in tip-top condition.

Get Our Deep Reach Forklifts Today

With so many options of new and used forklift sales available, we understand that it can be confusing. We're here to make things easy for you. After you let us know what you want the forklift to do, we'll guide you in selecting the best equipment for your needs. Moreover, we stand by our used reach forklifts in Los Angeles. Purchasing a forklift is a significant investment; that's why we supply high-quality equipment in addition to offering the best warranties. Contact World Equipment Services to inquire about our products or to receive a quote on 800.737.0209.

used reach forklifts Los Angeles
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