Tree Trimming Trucks

Tree Trimming Trucks

Bucket Trucks for Forestry and Tree Care

As a person who provides tree-trimming services, you probably know the different types of forestry trucks for sale available on the market. There are many types of tree trimming trucks with different applications, including pickup, boom, chipper, dump, and box trucks. One thing is for sure, the best tree trimming trucks make your work quick, clean, and efficient. Therefore, consider various factors when buying a forestry bucket truck, including payload, towing, and equipment capacities.

Freightliner Chipper Dump Truck

This is one of the essential trucks for tree trimming for sale for people in the arborist industry. This type of truck's primary function is to contain the chips of the by-product of chipping branches and trees. This truck comes with a durable, steel tapered cubed body and removable roof. In addition, the truck features frame-mounted hydraulic controls for easy and convenient offloading of chipped materials.

The truck also features a storage compartment along both sides of its body, directly behind the cab. The storage compartment provides extra space for keeping different kinds of tree trimming materials, including ropes, harnesses, and chainsaws.

Digger Derrick W/ Upper Controls & Automatic

This is an essential tree trimming truck to have, especially for individuals looking to expand or add scale to their tree trimming businesses. This truck comes with a hydraulic boom lift that can reach up to 50 feet. It is designed for larger tree trimming jobs that require safe removal of large branches or groups of trees.

The truck comes mounted on a chipper and bucket truck body. This allows some operators to trim down branches from above while the ground crew trims tree limbs below. This truck enables operators to trim trees near houses without damaging owners' properties.

International 61ft Forestry Dump Truck

This truck is ideal for the arborist looking for an all-in-one tree-trimming vehicle. It is designed to cover a wide range of tree trimming operations. In addition, it provides excellent towing capacity for trailer-mounted loaded and wood chippers. This truck also a high capacity hoist system that offers convenient material offloading support.


This truck is designed to support the relatively small tasks of a tree trimming professional. It features a cargo bed for supporting different types of arborist equipment, including saws, pruning gear, and climbing equipment. It also supports the gear operators use for climbing trees. In addition, this truck is equipped with excellent towing and hauling capacity.

Ford F550 4x4 45ft Bucket Truck W/ Material Handler

This truck comes with a roomy cargo area to provide space for keeping different types of arborist equipment. In addition, the cargo space allows you to space your equipment into sections. You can even kit out the interior storage space into different options depending on your needs. The truck can support smaller equipment, including loaders and tractors, thanks to its payload capacity of about 9000 lbs.

Our tree trimming truck has been built for many years with excellent design and engineering advantages. Please contact Centec Equipment at (877) 499-2077 to explore our used forestry trucks.

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