Forestry Truck

Forestry Truck

Today, forestry trucks have become crucial for the customized benefits they provide in the forestry industry. Forestry bucket trucks, also known as basket crane trucks, are vehicle-mounted aerial lifts. These trucks efficiently and safely lift support, and also lower tree management crews, their equipment, and other tools they may require. The flexible bucket can be repositioned and reach areas that a ladder wouldn't.

At Centec Equipment Sales, LLC, we offer a wide selection of used forestry bucket trucks to accommodate different needs, including loading, felling, chipping, hauling, and more. We carry forestry trucks models for those in the foresty service, tree trimming, cleanup, utility, road work, and similar industries.

Forestry Bucket Trucks

Electric lines and trees are both essential, but the two in close quarters pose a safety hazard. Vegetation can fall on electric lines during heavy storms, and that may lead to forest fires and power outages. In addition, trees are good conductors of electricity, and when limbs grow too close to power lines, they compromise your safety. This is where tree management crews come in to top and prune trees that create a potential hazard. Plus, they cut diseased, damaged, and insect-infested trees that could fuel wildfires. To perform all these jobs, tree management crews need specially designed trucks known as forestry bucket trucks.

Foresty Trucks Applications

Forestry and tree care trucks make it possible for tree management crews to be lifted safely. They also allow the bucket to reposition, maneuver, and get to difficult-to-reach areas that would otherwise be hard or even impossible to access with a scissor lift, more so with electric lines obstructing foliage and limbs. The overcenter of the truck offers greater flexibility. It also adds several feet of side reach that ensures efficient movement and increases the safety of the crew.

Bucket trucks do well in both congested and open spaces, are ideal for line clearance, and come with buckets that are dielectrically rated. What that means is, in case the boom comes into contact with an electric line, it aids in protecting the personnel inside the bucket by preventing electricity from traveling to the bucket. That said, the power lines should not be touched.

OSHA classifies bucket trucks as boom trucks. These trucks offer a wide range of maneuverability, making them perfect for various applications, including landscaping, tree care, and line servicing for utilities and telecom. But because they have a vehicle-mounted device for lifting people, materials, and tools to a height, they need certification in specific states, including Minnesota, Washington, and Utah.

Your Go-To Forestry Truck Suppliers

If you're looking for a forestry bucket for sale, we got you covered. As a trusted supplier of forestry trucks, we are committed to delivering top of the line, ready to work, and affordable bucket trucks. Whether you work in the tree service, utility, electrical, forestry service, or a related industry, you can rest assured that our trucks are kept in the best working condition to provide you with unexcelled use for years to come. Contact Centec Equipment to explore our used foresty trucks today on (877) 499-2077.

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